Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Kelly Waters Overlay?

A. Kelly Waters Overlay refers to our gold finished jewelry. Each piece begins with a non-corrosive metal such as brass, pewter or stainless steel. It is then permanently bonded with a layer of 24K gold no less than 20 micro-inches (mils) thick. That’s 200% more gold than the FTC requires for gold plated jewelry. For high wear items such as chains and bracelets we double that amount to 40 micro-inches (mils). That’s 600% more gold than other manufacturers use today.

Q. What is Kelly Waters Rhodium?

A. This refers to our silver colored finish. Instead of silver which tarnishes easily we use Rhodium. Rhodium is a very durable engravable metal which will not tarnish. Part of the platinum family it is very expensive and is considered a very high quality finish.

Q. What does your "lifetime guarantee" mean?

A. It means exactly what it says. If anything should ever happen to a piece of Kelly Waters Jewelry other than from deliberate or accidental damage we will repair or replace the item with a piece of equal value.

Q. What if an item I purchased breaks and I send it back but the item is no longer available?

A. If the item is no longer available then you can choose something from our stock that is of equal value.

Q. Do you do engraving?

A. Yes. We can laser engrave or diamond drag engrave most items. 

Q. How quick can you deliver?

A. We try to keep every item in stock and ready for immediate delivery at all times. If you call before 12:00pm EST during business hours we can get your order out that same day for you. If you need the item immediately we do offer expedited shipping with UPS or FedEx. Appropriate shipping charges will apply.

Q. What happens if an item I ordered is on back order?

A. If we have a rush on an item and it happens to be out of stock when you place your order, we put it on back order for you. When the item is in stock again we pick up the shipping charges and ship it to you immediately.

Q. How do you usually ship an order?

A. Our main shipping method is UPS Ground, but we can also ship through FedEx, or the USPS.  We can also ship expedited services such as 3 Day, 2 Day, or Overnight.  You tell us how you want us to ship your order and we’ll take care of the rest.

Q. How many pieces do I have to order?

A. We do not have any minimums; therefore you can order one piece at a time if you choose.

Q. How can I place an order?

A. Currently you can place orders online by setting up an online account with Kelly Waters. You must be a retail jeweler to have an account with us. You can also call our toll free number during business hours or send us a fax or email any time. Be sure to include all the pertinent information for every piece including the finish, size and/or length.

Q. Can I place an order if I am not a retailer?

A. No, but you can find a store close to you by using our store locator section. Call your local store and give them the item number with the finish and length (if applicable) and they can order your item for you. You can visit the store to pick up your item when it arrives or have them ship it to you.

Q. How do I establish credit with your company?

A. You must be a retail jeweler. If you are rated in JBT as a 1 or 2 you are automatically given credit for Net 30 Days. If you are not 1 or 2 rated with JBT you will have to fill out a credit application and establish credit with us. For your first orders you will have to pay by credit card or COD.

Q. How can I pay for my orders?

A. If you are currently a customer with us, then you will be invoiced monthly and can pay by check, money order or credit card.  If you are a new customer then you must pay by credit card or COD.   

Q. What credit cards do you accept?

A. We accept Master Card and Visa. 

Q. How do I get a display unit?

A. If you want a counter display purchase a selection of our jewelry and you will receive a free display. This applies to orders over $500.00. You can also purchase our displays separately. 

Q. Do you have any salesmen that will come visit my store?

A. No. We no longer have salesmen that travel with our line. We rely on our website, binder catalog, fliers and jewelry shows to keep you informed of the latest products we have.

Q. What Jewelry Shows do you attend?

A. You can see a list of shows we attend on our jewelry trade shows page.